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Tuesday, March 10

@ The Enchanted Florist (Map)


This month's topic

Money: everyone needs it. Nobody likes talking about it. But this month, we're diving into how a positive money mindset can shift your business from surviving to thriving.

Tuesdays Together

green bay • 6pm-8pm

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RTS Local Group co-leaders

Sarah Schrader
+ Nicole Bergeson

As creators, we know how important it is to be connected to others and learn from each other. We've all experienced what it's like to get stuck and trying to deal with it alone never seems to work out. Everyone has something to give, and you'll find that the more you pour out, the more you'll be filled.

Welcome to Green Bay Tuesdays Together!

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Local TuesdaysTogether chapters are run completely by our leaders and members generously volunteering of their time. Want to be a part of helping this community thrive?

We have several ways you can be involved:

• Hosting a meetup or other event
• Sponsoring food or drinks for a meeting
• Speaking or guest panel a topic you are an expert in
• Contribute an article to our email or Facebook or Instagram Live
• Document meetings with photography and blog post


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